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Grandma’s Quilt

47" x 47" / 119.4 x 119.4cm
Oil on Canvas

Narcisa and the Two Mirrors

25" x 31" / 63.5 x 78.7cm
Oil on Canvas

The Cabaret

52" x 74" / 132.1 x 188cm
Oil on canvas

Big Bite

20" x 24" / 50.8 x 61cm
Oil on wood


79" x 59.5" / 200.7 x 151.1cm
Oil on Canvas

Cult of Delusion (Limited Edition Print)

41.5 x 48 in matted, 54 x 60.5 in framed



19" x 29" / 48.3 x 73.7cm
Colored Pencil on Paper


30" x 20" / 76.2 x 50.8cm
Colored Pencil on Paper


18" x 29" / 45.7 x 73.7cm
Colored Pencil on Paper

Fleur de Jeunesse

30" x 36" / 76.2 x 91.4cm
Oil on canvas

The Land of Plenty

16" x 12" / 40.6 x 30.5cm
Oil and beeswax on canvas

Daughters of Atlantis: Global Voyager

14" x 11" / 35.6 x 27.9cm
Oil and beeswax on canvas

Night Birds

14" x 11" / 35.6 x 27.9cm
Oil and beeswax on canvas

Wrong Butter

24" x 24" / 61 x 61cm
Oil on linen


60" x 48" / 152.4 x 121.9cm
Oil on linen

The Cracker of Fire

31" x 25" / 78.7 x 63.5cm
Oil on Canvas

Designing Perious Futures

12" x 24" / 30.5 x 61cm
Oil on linen

The Clarion Call

24" x 18" / 61 x 45.7cm
Oil on Linen

Gardener’s Daughters

60" x 40" / 152.4 x 101.6cm
Oil on Canvas

Spiraling Of Hexes

18" x 18" / 45.7 x 45.7cm
Oil and 24K Gold leaf on Canvas over Birch Panel


Small Dancer Dreams

75" x 55.5" / 190.5 x 141cm
Oil on linen


40" x 30" / 101.6 x 76.2cm
Oil on Linen


30" x 24" / 76.2 x 61cm
Oil on linen

Diva J

60" x 52" / 152.4 x 132.1cm
Oil on linen


20" x 30" / 50.8 x 76.2cm
Colored Pencil on Paper

Memory Of A Paradoxical Dream

31" x 25" / 78.7 x 63.5cm
Oil on Canvas

A scenography past coupled with an interest in physics energy, culminate in a pictorial world of an impalpable reality

Salvatore Alessi

Candice Bohannon

Margaret Bowland

Powerful visual emotional statements with attention to color relationships, design, edges, and paint handling from Big Bend, West Texas.

Teresa Elliott

Painter with strong interest in atmosphere and light over static realism, conveys the hidden undercurrent of the urban landscape.

Rick Garland

Max Beckman-like Gothic dramas in visual form, richly created with acrylics on panel or canvas; Love, Transition, Wonderment!

Jack Gerber

Charlotta Janssen

Alexander Klingspor

American Regionalist and Magic Realism tradition as led by Wyeth, Hopper, and Benton; anchored in Midwest feminine strength and soul.

Andrea Kowch

Jesse Lane

Re-defining representational painting, poignant mythological charge, little interest in realism, and fascination of the figure, provide contemporary Emotionalism within American context.

Adam Miller

Candid photorealist portraits capture the truth and integrity of contemporary subjects.

Rachel Moseley

Formally trained, yet playful; contemporary, yet timeless; and joyous, yet mysterious, evocative, and dreamlike.

Yana Movchan

Exploring the human experience via the metaphor of a figurative landscape, as moments and emotions of human emotion in time.

Kevin Muente

Award-winning African-American artist+ author on an emotional and spiritual storyteller journey; as did Norman Rockwell and Benton.

Kadir Nelson

Reveals the visual art, and beyond the visible, explores her craft, as well as the emotional content of her observations of the natural world and imagination.

Katie O’Hagan

Portraits reveal a connect and disconnect between suburban landscapes and residents, their longing and search for and achieving the promised American Dream.

Frank Oriti

17th C. Flemish usage of light, that shines with radiance, conveying sensuality, delicateness, and softness, rather than the subject itself, creates art at once classic, and resolutely contemporary.

Odile Richer

Imaginary characters rendered in intricate details, frozen mid-gesture, within airless spaces, captured in crackled encaustic beeswax.

Margo Selski

Creating lush spaces inhabited by mythic symbols which allow the viewer to enter an enchanted realm set apart from life.

Adrienne Stein

Oil paints, tar, and bauxite earth as some of the materials used to produce images that reflect questions of social identity and challenge tradition.

Phillip Thomas

Armando Valero

A contemporary exploration of the beauty of the human form and the reflected emotional reality of their lives.

Thomas Wharton

Transcend into a tantalizing realm, discover the beauty filled with dreamlike, figurative narratives.

Pamela Wilson

Soviet social realist painter portrays photographic moments of emotional weight and dramatic light.

Andrei Zadorine

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