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Emily Copeland is a Canadian artist, specializing in realism. Working with charcoal, she focuses on recreating objects on a larger scale.

Realism, and the act of mimesis are two artistic forms Copeland finds fascinating. She uses digital photography and Photoshop to first generate her images, as photos are always her preliminary approach when it comes to creating something original. After photographing, she then draws these items on a larger scale. To iterate, her goal is to mimic the exact version of the photograph with her chosen medium; which is charcoal.

She enjoys focusing on detailed vintage or retro objects as her subject matter. The elements within her drawings are blown up much larger than life size to give it a surreal effect. This gives the audience a unique viewpoint that exposes detail they wouldn’t normally see. She also brings vintage objects into a modern context by conveying them on plain, clean backgrounds.

Many artists from the Baroque era inspire her, such as Caravaggio, La Tour, and Velazque. It is their focus on mimesis; replicating what they see; and their use of chiaroscuro which draws her to their works.

Copeland chooses to let the meaning behind each piece remain anonymous, as this gives each audience members the ability to find their own unique meaning throughout each piece. Her intentions behind this is because she thinks everyone can find their own personal interpretation to each work of art, and it should never be restricted to only one viewpoint.

With each different series, she hopes to please a wide range of audiences with the objects she’s chosen.




1992 London, Ontario

Solo Exhibitions

2019 | Lineage, Bernarducci Gallery, New York City
2017 | Retro-Spective, Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York City
2016 | The Stacks, Solo Exhibition, The ArtLab Gallery, London

Group Exhibitions

2021 | Contemporary Realism Show, M. A. Doran Gallery, Tulsa Oklahoma
2020 | Contemporary Realism Show, M. A. Doran Gallery, Tulsa Oklahoma
2018 | Second Annual National Juried Exhibition, WMOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, Wisconsin
2018 | Objects Of Desire, Bernarducci Gallery Chelsea, New York City
2018 | New Precisionism- Grand Opening, Bernarducci Gallery Chelsea, New York City
2017 | National Contemporary Realism Show, M. A. Doran Gallery, Tulsa Oklahoma
2017 | Past Forward, Anniversary Alumni Exhibition, Artlab Gallery, London
2017 | Size Doesn’t Matter, Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York City
2016 | Blank Canvas, Museum London, London
2016 | WORK/S, UA International Art Exhibition, Ireland, Scotland, USA, Canada, Singapore
2015 | Fused Division, The Arts Project, London
2015 | Wine and Cheese, University College, London
2015 | Annual Juried Exhibition, Artlab Gallery, London
2014 | Yes/ No, Artlab Gallery, London
2014 | In the Beginning, Concourse Gallery, London
2014 | Turnover, Concourse Gallery, Artlab, London
2014 | Open Studios, John Labatt Visual Arts Center, London
2013 | Student Prints Exhibition, Spencer Gallery, D.B Weldon Library, London
2012 | Ink, Paper, Pressure, Bliss., Spencer Gallery, D.B. Weldon Library, London
2010 | Beal Art Show, H. B. Beal, London
2009 | Beal Art Show, H. B. Beal, London


2020 | Published on Design Stack
2019 | Published interview in The American Art Collector Magazine
2019 | Published in the Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine
2018 | Published interview for Western University’s Gazette Newspaper
2018 | Published interview for Western University’s Art Departments 50th Anniversary
2017 | Published in The Book of YOUth
2016 | Published in Western News
2015 | Published in Western Libraries- Libretto- Undergraduate Awards
2015 | Presentation at UA conference, Dublin, Ireland
2015 | Published in The Gazette University Newspaper
2015 | Published on CreativPaper UK Blog

Awards and Accomplishments

2020 | Judge- The Undergraduate Awards- Visual Arts Category
2019 | Canada Council for the Arts- Arts Abroad Grant
2018 | Award of Excellence- WMOCA Award- Second Annual National Juried Exhibition
2017 | Finalist- Artists Magazine’s Annual Competition
2016 | Grant- Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation
2015 | Highly Commended Winner in the Undergraduate Awards
2015 | Merit Award at the AJE


2011-2015 | Western University, Honors Specialization in Studio Art (BFA)
2006-2011 | H. B. Beal, Ontario Secondary School (Specialized Art Program)



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