Salvatore Alessi

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Curriculum Vitae

Awards and Exhibitions

2009 Finalist for Premio Arte Award
2010/2011 Finalist for Lissone Award
2011 International Exhibition “Il Mito Del Vero” at Palace Durini; Milan, Italy
2011 Italian National Exhibition “Venti Anni”; Rome, Italy
2012/2013 Exhibited for Gallery Il Polittico
2013 St Francis exhibition dedication “St. Francis and the Places of his Journey” at gallery Le Logge; Assisi, Italy
2013 Solo Exhibition Museo Diocesano in Piazza Amerina
2014 Participant in “Dark Green- Bright Green” environmentally themed exhibit at Palazzo Incontro, Rome and Studio Gallery of MOCA, Rome
2014 Exhibition “Dal Salso all’Aretusa: Fertiita Visive beginning at Palazzo Moncada, Caltanissetta
2014 Solo show- Exhibition Space of Francesco Siracusa in Argrigento, Sicily
2014 Galleria Forni exhibited Alessi’s work at the Contemporary Art Exhibition in Strausbourg, France
2015 Group Exhibition “1462 Contemporary Art Gallery” in Izmir, Turkey
2015 “Resistance and the Contemporary” exhibition of contemporary art prepared by Project ARS Art Resistance Shoah
2015 Participant in “Artist 2015” international exhibition collaboration with Neo Art Gallery; Istanbul

Traveling Exhibition

Exhibition participant in figurative art “1946-2016 100 Years of Boxing” show beginning in Italian Boxing Federation at Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Florence and continuing throughout Italy and ending in Rio De Janeiro in 2016

Artist Statement

“My painting is a fusion of various pictorial worlds into one. Duality cohabits harmony. My principal interest is to picture a hybrid reality, media influenced and discommunicated, a visual short circuit creating a parallel world where two or more worlds may coexist exchanging energetically in a continuous dialogue.”


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