Noelle Giddings

Noelle was one of the first, and few, woman comic artists. After graduating from Parsons School of Design, her work was discovered by pioneers in comic art. She started penciling and inking but found her heart in color.

Starting with Marvel – Noelle painted HELLRAISER, moved to DEATHLOK, then BLACK PANTHER and more. DC, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, AQUAMAN. You’ll find her colors and signature across the Comic Universe.

Noelle loved the work she did as a founding member of MILESTONE MEDIA, the first and only comic book company dedicated to producing Multicultural Comics. As the Color Editor, she developed the palette for the Entire Universe; every skin tone, power and cape color. She made the creative choice to have Milestone Comic Books be painted by hand.

The painting of ‘guides’ by hand, with penciled directions for color-coding Red, Blue and Yellow so that separators could hand-cut film for printing purposes, came to an end with computers.


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