Truths & Poison – The Paintings of Pamela Wilson

Truths & Poison – The Paintings of Pamela Wilson

People in exotic garb caught in unusual situations embracing strange objects are the mainstay of Pamela Wilson’s art. Think harlequins, taxidermy geese, clown-white faces, fur stoles, flowing gowns, dolls and oversize striped lollipops and the picture will start to form.

Frequently featuring only a solitary figure, Pamela Wilson’s painted worlds are inhabited by people who can be found along railroad tracks, in burning landscapes, dim interiors, thick woods or on desolate beaches. In some cases, the subjects are portrayed a la Hitchcock, with only a threatening sky as backdrop, or perhaps a sliver of land or mountainside for grounding. Combine these elements with a heady mix of steampunk, the macabre and a twist of unexpected lightheartedness and the journey to explore complex worlds in the paintings of Pamela Wilson can begin.

A series of Wilson’s latest paintings make up the exhibition “The Sweetest Poison” at RJD Gallery in Sag Harbor. The work reveals a new direction for the painter, with glitter, gold leaf and monochromatic veils incorporated for the first time to cloak the artist’s figurative magical realism.


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