Sag Harbor Fire

Sag Harbor Fire

The fire that erupted on Sag Harbor’s Main Street in the early hours of December 16, 2016, had a staggering impact on the community, destroying numerous businesses. Believed to have been sparked in the outdoor space of an attached residence, high winds then carried the fire to neighboring buildings.

Among the storefronts lost in the fire was the RJD Fine Arts Gallery, which shared a building with the Sag Harbor Cinema. The gallery showcased portraiture and contemporary landscapes from both emerging and established artists.

Owner Richard Demato arrived in Sag Harbor in 2003 via New York City and established his gallery shortly thereafter. At the time of the fire, the gallery was showing the group exhibition “Pieces of My Soul,” featuring the work of Armando Valero, Margo Selski, Rachel Moseley, Alexander Klingspor and Frank Oriti, and many other artworks were stored there…


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