May’s Must See Art Exhibits: The Art Of Discovery

May’s Must See Art Exhibits: The Art Of Discovery

The RJD Gallery is hosting the 7th Annual Hampton’s Juried Art Exhibit featuring works by Amanda Bellino, Anthony D’Avino, Miles Jaffe and Sarupa Sidaarth. The pieces encompass the unique and varied styles of each artist. “Essence of Beauty” created by Bellino is a three-dimensional side view of a horse—contorted showing life-like creases in the neck and bodice—made with mixed sand and mortar sculpted with gold leaf, acrylic and glazes. On the contrary, Jaffe’s sculpture “Primary Colors” and D’Avino’s painting “The Red Motorcycle” feature bright and bold colors, while Sidaarth’s “Me” 20 x 20 acrylic on canvas, is layered with texture, royal purples and turquoise colored details. Proceeds from the exhibit will benefit The Retreat, a comprehensive domestic violence agency.

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