Margo Selski in Daily Art Fixx

Margo Selski in Daily Art Fixx

Machine In The Garden - Our Island Shall Know Abundance Without EndWashington based artist Margo Selski is known for her “lush Surrealist paintings that quote Flemish painting and 19th century portraiture.” Selski has a B.A. in Studio Art and Art Education Berea College, in Kentucky, an Master of Arts for Children S.U.N.Y. Brockport, New York, and a Master in Fine Art in drawing and painting from the University of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Of her paintings, Selski says: “My work may seem to parody old masterpieces. I create a theatre and people it with an ornate cast: queens, mothers, children, predators, prey, florae, faunae. They live in airless, still places where each creature knows whom she should love or hate. But then, the balances become uncertain. Relationships become inverted. Mothers become children. Children become empty eggs. Princesses become wolves. Eggs, children, families, all start to divide and become something unrecognizable. Soon, no one knows how they should think or feel. My sparkling utopia becomes unstable. Yet still, the unbending wish for love, certainty, permanence. So I lift the brush again. In this pose am I kept.”


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