Long Island Pulse Profile: Richard Demato

Long Island Pulse Profile: Richard Demato

In addition to displaying inspirational art and showcasing promising young artists, Richard Demato’s eponymous Fine Arts Gallery in Sag Harbor also donates a portion of all proceeds to non-profit causes such as The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, Fountain House NYC (devoted to helping men and women recover from mental illness) and The Retreat, the only non-profit providing domestic violence services on the East End. Demato has been an honorary board member of the SASF since 2013, involved with Fountain House NYC since the early 90s and a board member at The Retreat since 2005. For the past six years RJD Gallery has hosted a show devoted entirely to raising awareness on domestic violence. The most recent, titled “Light in the Tunnel,” was held this past spring and featured works from artists Gail Postal, Stephan Slater and Lauren Tilden. A portion of all proceeds went to The Retreat.

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