Barbed Wire and Picket Fences

April 9 - May 5, 2016


Featuring the artwork of Charlotta Janssen and Phillip Thomas.

Meet celebrated German American artist, Charlotta Janssen at the opening night of her solo exhibition, “Barbed Wire and Picket Fences” featuring her unique mixed media collage work.

In 2009, the first black president of the United States was sworn into office. This historic event was a catalyst for German American artist, Charlotta Janssen, to visually thank participants of the civil rights movement for their work and dedication that made this moment possible. Janssen specifically honors the Bus Boycotters from 1956 and Freedom Riders from 1961.The artist’s goals are to transport the viewer back to this moment in time, to create a living history and bring awareness to a collective consciousness where segregation seemed normal and fighting it was a daunting task.

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Watch Charlotta Janssen share her creative process and talk to Oprah about what inspired her to paint canvases of the Freedom Riders


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