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The Call

40" x 52" / 101.6 x 132.1cm
Oil on Canvas

Why the wind holds away the whistle
calling the ocean and all of its children,
transforming the greens so divine
into white bubbling moving foams.
Why the fishes are keeping their eyes
lurking the waters and the heavens,
for the sound that screams like a thunder
bringing them all to the surface.
Why the mermaid dressed in golden satin
showing her reds in her head,
walks in the liquid silence
blowing softly in the pearled shell.
She plays with the air that pushes the clouds
and with creatures watching every where,
she dances at the rhythm of rocking waves
that come and go like an endless parade.

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The Call

40" x 52" / 101.6 x 132.1cm
Oil on Canvas

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