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24 x 36 in
Edition of 10

Andrea Kowch prints may be purchased with reasonable monthly, interest-free payment plans.  Please email us at art@rjdgallery.com for more information.

“In Soiree, the subject matter and themes found in my early work reappear, resulting in a whimsical, interactive reunion between the human and animal worlds. A female character is seated upon a blanket, indulging in what appears to be intended as a solitary summer afternoon, immersed in sweet treats and written stories—until she is unexpectedly interrupted by a host of crows that arrive unannounced, inviting themselves to indulge in her picnic. The sense of irony and indifference in her reaction to the interruption carries an air of both apathy and amusement. Upon further observation, however, we begin to notice that her bountiful picnic appears to have maybe not been completely planned for only her enjoyment alone. Multiple plates in her basket hint at perhaps an unspoken hope and desire, and even preparedness for, and expectation of company. Nature is a language and one that also speaks many. In this lively composition, she does not protest the birds’ audacious arrival. Instead, she appears to secretly embrace it. In staying open to chance, and expecting the unexpected, we just may find what we seek—when we least expect it.”

Andrea Kowch

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24 x 36 in

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