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Face Reality

Jesse Lane
22.75" x 39.75" / 57.8 x 101cm
Colored Pencil on Bristol Board

“‘Face Reality’ is a story of devastation, determination and hope. After losing five pieces in a fire at RJD Gallery in December, I wanted my next drawing to reflect that experience. My first solo show, “Face Reality,” had just closed the night before the fire. Little did I know what an omen “Face Reality” would become.

Right away, I realized I would never see art the same way again. I was, in fact, facing reality. For weeks, I asked myself how I would move forward. At times, I still do. Rebuilding takes time. But I know there is more to the fire than sadness alone. I know new strength is coming… I’ve seen glimpses of it already.

What I have noticed is there is a certain rawness to my new ideas that was not once there. In the past, I was portraying private moments of struggle, but the depiction was retrospective. The work was always created after the storm… or at least after the peak of the storm.

Now I’m creating in the middle of one of the greatest struggles of my life.I believe there is a certain value in this. Even before the fire, emotion relating to personal struggle was always the theme of my work. So while it may hurt, I’m getting to know my subject much closer than before. Many of our greatest strengths come from our greatest challenges.

What I know is: this piece marks a new beginning, and someday, I hope to be at a level I would have not otherwise reached.”

Jesse Lane, artist

Framed size:  36.5 x 52.5″

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Face Reality

Jesse Lane
22.75" x 39.75" / 57.8 x 101cm
Colored Pencil on Bristol Board

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