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Carrie Pearce was born in Peoria, IL in 1969. She has been drawing and painting as long as she can remember. Her earliest memories include a Walt Disney light-up table and asking her mom to draw her pictures as she described them to her. Carrie’s first major inspiration came from Ann Adams, an artist who drew with a pencil between her teeth. At the age of 6, Carrie was amazed at her ability, and tried to duplicated her drawings with and without pencil held in her teeth.

Carrie Pearce’s work represents both the real and imagined. Many of her paintings are inspired by old photos, found at flea markets and antique stores. The figures are placed in imaginary scenes depicting a narrative derived from both the imagination and real events. She is currently working on a Masters of Fine Art in painting at the Savannah Collage of Art and Design, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Art in illustration, with honors.

Pearce was recently named one of the ten finalists of the prestigious Bennett Prize. A $50,000 award for a figurative female artist working in a realist style. It is the largest art award ever offered solely to women painters. Carrie’s work has been featured both nationally and internationally. She is a “Living Artist” with the Art Renewal Center, a website dedicated to revival of realism in fine art. Her work has been featured in many art publications including Fine Art Connoisseur and American Art Collector.


I have been painting for many years, and what I have found is that art is a fiction that tells the truth. A truth that can only be seen by the viewer. I am inspired by objects I find at flea markets and antique stores. The objects could be anything, turn-of the 19th century photos, old worn toys, clothing, or nick knacks, anything that contains an aura. I believe the objects contain memory and energy from the previous owners. The underpinning of my work is a story. I use figures, wildlife, and objects, in conjunction with improvisation and embellishment, to convey a narrative. The narratives are often based on time, memory, human conditions and death. I aim to create a visual world that has never been seen before. Whether the events are real or imagined, they are meant to entertain the viewer.


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