Andrea, The Painter Of The Human Spirit

Andrea, The Painter Of The Human Spirit

Andrea Kowch is painter, an artist, a companion of nature and a seer of souls. Her paintings carry with them an almost unmasked glimpse of everyday life settings beneath the usual layers. The scenery, weather, nature, animals and the characters themselves all participate in the essence of the story she is telling. I find the more I look at one of her paintings, the more I could feel the undercurrent of emotions flowing from it. Amazing, and slightly unsettling, yet in that way where I wanted more.

The depth and richness of her paintings emanate from her as a person as well. Our conversation was insightful, authentic and energizing at the same time.

Our conversation explores:

Where Andrea finds her inspiration
Nature and it’s reflection of life
How she began painting
RJD Gallery and painting full time
How long a painting takes
Imagery and symbolism
The importance of feeling connected to our work
How to handle blocks
Where to find her:

Andrea has a new exhibition opening in New York this summer.


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