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Openings & Art Fairs

The RJD Gallery is proud to announce...
Calendar of Events 2014 - Spring / Summer

Saturday, April 26th
Spring Fusion to Benefit The Retreat, “where hope begins and violence ends”
Discover a resplendent collection of art, sure to engage your sense of innocence, inspire ingenuity, introspective thinking, and the appreciation of creativity. The winners of The Retreat’s 5th Annual Art competition, Mary Chiaramonte, Sylvia Hommert & Kerry Sharkey-Miller and honorable mentions, Gina Altadonna, Janet Culbertson & Patricia Parks will be on display.
Saturday, May 10th
Paws and Reflect to Benefit The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation
This heart-warming compilation of artwork reveals our appreciation and fascination with animals. From the whimsical to the unusual and elegant, these works depict our favorite creatures and raise awareness and needed funds for the SHAS.
Saturday, May 31st
Transcendental Feminine Fantasy
Marvel at this illustrious combination of artistic talent, courage, and spirit that emanate from the complex female mystique, their innocence, and their dreams; all shared in these very creative works of art. Featuring the artwork of Andrea Kowch, Pam Hawkes, Haley Hasler, Anne-Marie Kornachuk, Katie O’Hagan, Margo Selski and Adrienne Stein.
Saturday, June 28th
Edge of Temptation
This alluring exhibit will indulge your sense of seduction with a provocative display of raw vitality and magnetism that only a unique canvas can convey. Feel the pulsating tension, as we fuse the artwork of, and welcome, Pamela Wilson and Teresa Elliott, with Rick Garland, Katie O’Hagan, Frank Oriti, Bart Vargas and more.
July 10-13th
Our fourth year displaying our exclusive Gallery artists’ yearlong efforts with their most progressive works; displayed in the magical setting of a festive tent located among grassy knolls, polo fields, and metal sculptures. For more information please visit
Saturday, July 26th
We are proud to introduce African American artist, Kadir Nelson. This opening offers a charismatic array of mesmerizing subjects, all portrayed in a rich cultural history, brimming with intimate stories and emotions that we often try to hide. Kadir Nelson’s work has been shown and collected by the US House of Representatives, The National Baseball Hall of Fame, International Olympic Committee, and numerous coveted private and public institutions.
Saturday, August 23rd
Shattered Boundaries
Phillip Thomas’s artwork draws the viewer into another world, encourages questions, and generates introspective thought to evolve, as he continues to challenge preconceived stereotypes and civility. In his new body of work, utilizing mixed media and oil on panel, Phillip explores one’s identity and confronts the limitations of traditional ideology within today’s environment.
Sept 13, 2014 – Jan 4, 2015
Get Real: New American Painting
Celebrate the arrival of fall with this snapshot of contemporary American realist painting. Haley Hasler, Jason John, Andrea Kowch, Bryan LeBoeuf, Jenny Morgan, Kevin Muente, Frank Oriti, and Kevin Peterson explore themes that have persisted throughout the recent history of American realist painting such as narrative portraiture and social, psychological, and magical realism. The eight artists present a multifaceted view of the American experience, contrasting the historic and the contemporary, pastoral and urban landscapes, the immanent and the transcendent. Sip specialty cocktails, taste real American cuisine, and visit with several exhibition artists in the galleries. RSVP to attend the preview and exhibition-related events at
Saturday, October 11th
Women Painting Women
Entry Submission Rules:
  • Please email images of up to 3 works by July 18, 2014.
  • Chosen works will be announced via email on July 28, 2014.
  • Please label submissions with last name, first name, title, size, medium & retail price.
  • All works must be original creations by the artist and available for purchase.
  • Exhibition is open to painters working in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed-media, Watercolor. (Please, no drawings, photography, video art or sculpture.)
If Chosen:
  • 300 dpi images of your work must be available by August 1, 2014.
  • All selected work must be shipped to the gallery on or before August 29, 2014.
  • Accepted works cannot be substituted and are committed until December 10, 2014.
  • Artist allows the Gallery the right to reproduce their work for marketing of this event.
  • Artist agrees to allow the gallery to negotiate up to 10% maximum to achieve a sale on our mutual behalf. If the work is sold, the artist will receive 50% of the sale price.
  • Artist will be responsible for round trip shipping of their artwork, insurance while in transit,  and must provide a pre-paid return shipping label with their piece.

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