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Andrea Kowch

Limited edition of 10

Framed size: 50 x 37.5″

Limited edition hand signed print

Edition of 10, signed recto

“This print, from a painting that is a 36” x 24” acrylic on canvas, wherein the composition involves a centrally placed, full-length female figure standing atop a snowdrift. Her winter attire blows in the snowy wind, evoking the feeling of her almost being on a mountaintop. The backdrop is a swirling sky, peppered by a mesmerizing mass of birds swooping in unison towards treetops that are visible on the low horizon behind her. The color palette is very atmospheric. Grays, whites, and blues of the blowing snow encircling her, contrast with the warmer tones of her flesh and clothing. Landscape and nature is always an active and shaping presence in the stories of my characters. Forever fascinated and moved by the austere beauty of the natural world, this painting largely speaks to the powerful connection of being one with Nature.”

Andrea Kowch

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Andrea Kowch

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