Margo Selski

Margo Selski received a Master’s in Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota. She also received a Master’s in Art for Children from the State University of New York in Brockport. Her undergraduate BA degree is from Berea College. She has been a full time studio painter since 1994. Her painting style reflects that of the northern Flemish masterpieces. The imaginary characters are rendered in intricate details frozen in mid-gesture within airless spaces. Her goal is to explore the mysterious by juxtaposing images from myth and reality. Thematically, her work addresses motherhood, familial love, permanence, impermanence, and the fragility of childhood and life. The subject of the paintings communicates an underlying desire for safety and stability in a threatening world.

Margo incorporates a novel technique to achieve an old (or even outside of time) effect. During graduate school in Minnesota, she concocted a recipe for faux “craquelure to mimic Renaissance painting. Initially, each oil painting is covered with beeswax, and she utilizes dental tools to scratch the cracks into the surface prior to laying oil paint into the crevices. This time consuming process might be repeated three or four times on the same painting, but is made worthwhile when the final result is that ‘Jan Van Eyck has taken a little trip down the rabbit hole.’

Her oil and beeswax paintings have been featured in several one-person exhibitions, including the Plains Art Museum, Illinois Central College, The Art Institute International Minnesota, the University of Minnesota, the Saint Cloud State University, Augsburg College, Rochester Museum and Art Center, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Her work has been recognized for its excellence, producing numerous awards and honors, and has been collected in various museums, including the Plains Art Museum, Tweed Museum, Fredrick Weisman Museum, and the Contemporary Museum of Art in Colorado. In 2004/05, she was awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board Grant and in 2005 she won the Minnesota Artist Exhibition Grant through the Jerome Foundation.


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40" x 40" / 101.6 x 101.6cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Kravn to stay free and live

71" x 61" / 180.3 x 154.9cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Listen Here Cuzzo

14" x 14" / 35.6 x 35.6cm
Acrylic on Canvas


14" x 14" / 35.6 x 35.6cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Chasing The Moon – Limited Edition Hand Signed Print

39 x 46 in, 99.06 x 116.84 cm


The Sailor and The Desiring Soul

30" x 40" / 76.2 x 101.6cm
Oil and Beeswax on Canvas

Motions of Grace

86" x 60" / 218.4 x 152.4cm
Oil on Linen

The Artist’s Wig II

68" x 50" / 172.7 x 127cm
Acrylic pastel and charcoal on paper mounted on canvas


40" x 40" / 101.6 x 101.6cm
Oil on Linen


17" x 30" / 43.2 x 76.2cm
Colored Pencil on Paper


19" x 28" / 48.3 x 71.1cm
Colored Pencil on Paper


30" x 20" / 76.2 x 50.8cm
Colored Pencil on Paper


28" x 19" / 71.1 x 48.3cm
Colored Pencil on Paper

The Standoff

24" x 18" / 61 x 45.7cm
Oil on wood panel


10" x 8" / 25.4 x 20.3cm
Oil on linen panel

Black Gold

52" x 33" x 10" / 132.1 x 83.8cm x 25.4cm
Portrait painted in oil on wood panel. Constructed wooden box frame, fabric, leather, 23k gold leaf lettering, brass hardware, authentic 1900’s coffee grinder

Bantu Belle

58" x 41" / 147.3 x 104.1cm
Portrait painted in oil on wood panel, wood and metal constructed box frame, brass hardware, gold leaf frame, cloth fabric, antique tailor scissors, stained wood

I Shook Up the World

64" x 38.5" x 4" / 162.6 x 97.8cm x 10.2cm
Oil on canvas, wood, stitched leather mixed media memorabilia

De Olde Folks Music

69" x 54" / 175.3 x 137.2cm
Oil on canvas, wood, stitched leather Mixed media memorabilia

Dame de Dakar

56" x 35" x 4" / 142.2 x 88.9cm x 10.2cm
Oil on wood panel, fabric, brass hardware, 23k gold leaf, antique bespoke shears, hand constructed wooden box fame

Natchez Belle

53" x 31" x 4" / 134.6 x 78.7cm x 10.2cm
Portrait painted in oil on wood panel, wood and metal constructed box frame, brass hardware, gold leaf frame, cloth fabric, peacock feathers, antique tailor scissors, stained wood


36" x 48" / 91.4 x 121.9cm
Acrylic on canvas


40" x 30" / 101.6 x 76.2cm
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

The Artist

74" x 54" / 188 x 137.2cm
Oil on Linen

Tiny Dancer

36" x 36" / 91.4 x 91.4cm
Oil on linen

Brough Superior

72" x 76" / 182.9 x 193cm
Oil on Aluminum

Narcisa and the Two Mirrors

25" x 31" / 63.5 x 78.7cm
Oil on Canvas

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