Juan F. Bejar


It’s very hard for an artist to explain his work, because in current day painting, particularly mine, I like to give only certain keys when I’m creating it. Later, the audience will have the last word. The painting is a stage behind a door which invites whoever is looking at it to step inside.

Once inside, one can contemplate the past, the present and, sometimes (many times) even the future.“To invent lies to create the truth”, Picasso said. My work is described by experts as “Bejariano style”, and I describe it as “poisoned sweets”So, I’ll just say something written about my work. It will explain it much better than I can.”

Enigmatic presence” might be a good title for Juan Bejar’s work, said an expert.

“Later, we can give it a different name, but the enigma will always be there, defiant, permanently interrogating the curious people who ingenuously aim to stare into his admired object, but the cheeky and rather malevolent smile seems to assure us that the mystery no longer lies with the artist, but with the painted object itself.”

Another expert said:

“Although you might only glance at Juan Béjar’s paintings, they trap you, submerge you into a perfect and quiet world, but they disturb you and move you. They are full of lies and truths, of feelings which are blatantly hidden.”

The content makes each painting a unique and personal story. With a very elaborate technique with oil, playing with transparencies and colours carefully combined to express feelings and ironic situations. With precise and modulated drawing, he creates beautiful heads, arrogant bodies and strange animals to transport us into the subtle beauty of the deformed.


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