Jacques Le Bescond

Jacques Le Bescond is a well-known contemporary French sculptor recognized for his modern, simplified figurative works executed in wood, bronze, and marble. Le Bescond was
born in Caen in Brittany in 1945. His interest in the arts began at an early age when he developed a keen interest in woodworking. Le Bescond’s formal artistic training began at the famous L’École Boulle in Paris.

At the École, Le Bescond honed his skills in drawing, woodcarving, furniture-design, and wood sculpture restoration. During his early professional years, the artist often worked collaboratively with conservators, interior architects, and decorators and became very proficient and sought after for the restoration of wood sculptures, including medieval and religious figures, ships bows, and elaborately ornamented wood furniture.

During this same time, Le Bescond developed an interest in the work of Modernist sculptors, such as Amadeo Modigliani, Ossip Zadkine, Henry Moore, and Eduardo Chillida and began experimenting in sculpting in stone and bronze.

Le Bescond looks to the powerful, often monumental, yet simplified forms of Modernism, and draws on pre-historic and classical antique forms for inspiration, including the Moai, or heads, of Easter Island; sculpture from the Cycladic era, and stylized forms from classical antiquity. His resulting work is rooted in history, yet modern in feeling and appearance, drawing on the forms of the past to express the ideas and sentiments of today. Le Bescond often explores the theme of the couple or the pair, and the theme of the imagination of man through the form of the book.

Curriculum Vitae


1980 – 2009 Bormes les Mimosas each summer
1994 Reims (espace Trésor)
1995 Invité d’honneur Salon Paris Sud
1996 Chalons en Champagne
1997 Galerie Art Présent
1998 Galerie Signatures Honfleur
1999 Gordes . Chapelle des Pénitents
1999 Galerie «les Jardins de Thorigny»
2000 Galerie Le Fleuron Honfleur
2001 Invité d’honneur salon international de printemps Lyon
2002 Galerie F A E Boulogne Billancourt
2003 Galerie du Palais Le Touquet
2004 Wilmington U S A
2004 – 2008 Expositions permanentes Galerie GOT.rue de Seine. Paris Rue Saint Louis en l’Isle. Paris Saint Paul de Vence Honfleur
2006 SOFA New York USA SOFA Chicago USA
2007 Art en Capitale Grand Palais Paris
ART DC Washington USA
Salon VIOLET Médaille d’or PARIS
2008 S N B A Grand Palais Paris
2009- Atlanta USA Exposition à la Besharat Gallery
Art en Capital. Grand Palace _ National Society of Beaux-Arts.
2009 Galerie Egregor. Lyon
2010 Galerie Bescharat ATLANTA
Miami International Art Fair Art Palm Beach
2009- Atlanta USA Exposition à la BesharatGallery
Art en Capital. Grand Palace _ National Society of Beaux-Arts
2010 Galerie Egregor. Lyon
2011 Galerie Bescharat ATLANTA
Miami International Art Fair
Art Palm Beach
Los Angeles Art Fair USA
2012 Miami International Art Fair RED DOT, Art Palm
Beach, Dallas Art Fair
Sarasota, Saint Paul de Vince, Permanent Exhibition, Galerie Frédéric GOT
2013 Miami International Art Fair RED DOT, Art Palm Beach
Olympia London USA
Sarasota, Saint Paul de Vence, Permanent Collection, Galerie Frédéric GOT
Art Stage Singapore
Art Hamptons USA
Palm Spring Art Fair
Los Angeles Art Fair
Palmbeach 3 USA
Scoop Artbasel USA
Galerie Laura RATE Houston/Dallas.
2014 Miami International Art Fair, RedDot USA,
Courchevel. Galeries Frédéric GOT
Houston International Art Fair USA
2015 Art Palm Beach USA
Palm Beach Jewelry USA
Los Angeles Art Show USA
Art South Hampton USA
Contemporary Istanbul TURKEY
Art Toronto CANADA
Armory New York USA
Context Miami USA
Scope Miami USA
Reddot Miami USA
Galerie Grulier+Got Courchevel. FRANCE


Mairie de Champceuil (91) «Marianne»
Mairie de Saint Memmie (51) «Marianne»
Mairie de Chalons en Champagne: Monumental marble sculpture commemorating
The bicentenary of the Republic.
Mairie de Bormes : Fountain of lovers


Internationally known, their art pieces enrich
collections in:
France, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Australia,
New Zealand, Sweden, Belgium, China…


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