Daniel Pollera

Daniel Pollera was born in 1953 in the coastal town of Freeport, New York. His interest in art began at a very young age gravitating toward drawing and painting the surrounding coastline of Long Island. After a short study at SUNY Farmingdale in Commercial Art, he left to enter the family business.

For almost 15 years, Daniel took a sabbatical from painting, but this didn’t void his love for the sea. He obtained a Captain’s License in 1977 from the United States Coast Guard and took passengers for hire on the open ocean. Through this experience and visual knowledge he was drawn to begin his painting again. Although Daniel is primarily self taught he worked with Frances Norris Streit, a portrait and mural artist, assisting her on a 14’ x 30’ historical mural for the Roslyn Savings Bank. He also studied with Everett Molinari, a well respected President of the National Mural Society.

Daniel Pollera captivates his admirers by inspiring emotion and feeling through light and composition in his work. “I strive to create a sense of peace and tranquility, that will lure the viewer into the painting, stimulating their emotion to interpret what he or she feels.” Some of his paintings have been purchased by international collectors in London, South Africa and Australia. Dan has been featured in many charitable events including East End Hospice, The Cancer Research Fund, The Guardian Brain Foundation and The South Shore Estuary Reserve Stewardship Awards. He has also had a one man show at the Long Island Museum of Art as well as group shows at numerous galleries. Most recently, the Parrish Art Museum in Watermill, New York and Guild Hall Museum in East Hampton, New York have each acquired Dan’s paintings for their collections.

Daniel splits his time between his home in East Quogue, Long Island, NY and Baldwin Harbor, Long Island, NY. These two places offer him inspiration which is the catalyst for his work. “I look for a dramatic setting, filled with light to draw awareness to the image”. Light in his paintings is what he is noted for; people say they wish they were there.

“Tranquility is the hallmark of Daniel Pollera’s paintings.”
Marcelle S. Fischler, The New York Times, May 19, 2002

“…your paintings are exceptional, my favorite paint applier.”
Dick Cavett, August 2011

Artist Statement

Being a lifetime Long Island resident and being surround by water has given me great insight to paint what has attracted my feelings all of my life. Living many years on the water along the South Shore of Long Island, I am witness to some changes in our estuary environment. The loss of bay houses due to storms, the changes of our shore lines with shifting tides and yet some things stay preserved holding on to its natural beauty.

Primarily being a self taught artist I have relied on my eye and thoughts to guide me in developing my work. “Paint what you love and know” I was once told, and have done just that. Being a full time contemporary realist I am true to myself in painting what feels right to me in getting my visual emotions onto the canvas. I have submerged myself in the environment to better understand its changing personality and I am constantly honing my skill to develop my work. My main objective in my paintings is to inspire emotion and feeling through light and composition putting the viewer in the painting left to imagine what he or she feels.

Using photos as a reference is only a part of the process. They record information but the actual mood comes from being there, and that is what inspires the beginning of a painting for me. For me as an artist I have learned to see more and through this it has given me the ability to capture subtleties that relate back to the viewer.

We are only passing through this lifetime of ours. This is a revolving window of constant change and taking in the beauty from a visual perspective is fascinating and interesting, that is what fuels my passion.

Living within close proximity to the salt marshes and shoreline has enabled me to capture a moment in time. I feel a deep connection with my subject and it constantly inspires me. I hope that I convey a feeling through my paintings that will be shared for generations and reflect our love for the local waters as they are today.


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